Part 2: The Future is already Here

Part 2: The Future is already Here

Part 2

There had been so many interesting points made at the last Connective National Conference that I needed a Part 2 which could be called The Future is already Here. We all had been challenged to a degree about the new Technologies we are surrounded by, but I did not realise how much these ‘futuristic’ Techs were already everywhere and such a big part of our lives. Of course, I do have a smartphone and some social media accounts. Of course, Google is already my best friend in most situation… I am not totally disconnected, but we are talking about a whole new level here.

Chris Riddels, the ‘technology futurist’ and Digital Strategist has made a living analysing the future and emerging trends to distil them into clear and simpler message.

The very popular David Kosh (Kochie) has been a wealth of knowledge talking about the importance of the digital presence in the fast pace Industry we are in.

The Connective champions Clinton Waters and Jason Back both delivered powerful speeches with advice on how to run efficiently a business. One of them used to compare it to rowing, which involve a perfect coordination and synchronisation of all the team members. It was also said that people should be chosen for their character over their skills, which makes sense but is a bit hard to process.

All the speakers couldn’t stress enough the fact that Resilience is one of the most, if not THE most, important capability to have, to be, to survive. We need to have the ability to adapt to withstand changes and still function!

We had the privilege to hear Saroo Brierley, telling his incredible story which you can watch on the Oscar-nominated movie ‘Lion’. That was the perfect example of Resilience.

The future is already here

We have heard about Self-Driving Car, just around the corner, or Ebay deliveries by drones in less than 4 hours to your door.

Amazon has jumped on the opportunity to open a grocery store without checkout line, with a technology called ‘Just Walk Out’ using sensor and cameras! Have a look at the video, it seems incredible but it is (nearly) here:

Smartphones lead the world!

We all know the idiom ‘one picture is worth a thousand words’, so I am going to share some of the striking pics displayed at the Conference. Entertain your brain and think about these situations and how much the social world has impacted the real world.

I think we all know that Royals are not allowed to take selfies, however, can they really escape this social trend?

Even Hilary Clinton, while on campaign for the US presidential, has stepped out by organising a public selfie meeting. Isn’t that appealing to the new generation? Isn’t the picture a bit disturbing though?

Have a look at the below link, skip the article and just look at the picture of Miss France 2015, just crowned at the end of the glamorous and prestigious Miss Ceremony. She is surrounded by dozens of professional photographs, is having thousands of eyes on her, but she is taking a selfie of herself with her smartphone. To what extend has her social life taken over her life? To what extend our social life has taken over our lives?

I told you, it was a mind blowing Conference and I look forward to the next One!