First Home Buyer’s handbook

First Home Buyer’s handbook

Entering the property market for the very first time can be a real challenge for anyone. It is true that it is almost always exciting to stroll drown in any area and have a look at all the properties, each one more beautiful than the other, and imagine itself in THE forever dreamed home.

Only few steps separate you from this dream. The key is to be well supported and guided by experienced professionals. You want to make sure this experience will not turn into a nightmare and add unnecessary pressure on your shoulders.

Where to begin?

In my opinion, it is logical to have an idea of what you can achieve in term of property before mooning over the nice brand-new estate near your favourite shopping centre. If you are a first home buyer and you just start thinking about buying a property, it is important to plan your finance before engaging into a contract. Do you know that most of the lenders will require you to evidence a genuine savings pattern over a 3-month’ period to consider an application?
Because your situation is unique and lender’ policies can be challenging sometimes, it is more than recommended to meet a professional who will help you from the real beginning and take all the stress out of you until the settlement of your application and beyond. A good mortgage broker will conduct a personalised analysis based on your very own needs and requirements, assess your borrowing capacity and give you precious advices on how to organise your purchase to maximize your chance of success. He will also provide you with all the current market advantages you may benefit from, ranging from the First Home Owner Grant to the latest offers from an extensive panel of lenders. Why losing your time going to each bank to see what is available when you can have an expert doing it for you for free?

At Northpoint Mortgage, we are here to help, and we deal with all the paperwork for you. We can come to you and refer you to specialised and affordable lawyers, financial planners, real estate agents and more. Our panel includes more than 40 lenders to choose from… You’re welcome!