The Adviser Better Business Summit 2020

The Adviser Better Business Summit 2020

‘In business, you do not get what you want. You get what you deserve’

What a wonderful Summit hosted in Brisbane last week, aligning amazing motivational speakers to boost broker’s productivity and help them reaching their highest potential.

We had an overview of Australia’s demography; it was interesting to hear about the highly centralised cities (3/4 of the population lives in 5 cities only) and how we can benefit from overseas and interstate migration in Queensland.

Disappointment = Expectation / Reality

How powerful is that? And it was perfectly illustrated by “Booger”, Fighter Pilot, when, after a quick remake of the well-known movie Top Gun, shared his disillusion when he found out that ‘Top Gun wasn’t a documentary at all’! We all had some good laughs.

Finally, I want to congratulate all nominees honoured at the Better Business Awards, you all deserved to be there, and tell my sincere gratitude to Gavin Robinson from La Trobe Financial for inviting me at their table for the beautiful Gala Event. Thank you!