FBAA 2018 Evolution

FBAA 2018 Evolution

I was lucky again to attend our body Industry National Conference #FBAA2018evolution last Friday where Worldwide speakers were aligned. I must admit most of the topics had been covered during our last aggregator conference, but few things caught my attention. Nothing boring here!


Be their broker before they need a broker”, “Suffering teaches you compassion, be vulnerable it is human” – Tom Panos, real estate coach and trainer

Fasting during 16h once a week is excellent for your gut and brain, acts as an anti-ageing and reduces stress” – Chelsea Pottenger, mindfulness coach

Be careful of revenge on social media, it can be devastating” – Martin Grunstein

The real story of the musician Dave Caroll was a total humiliation for United Airlines in 2009 after his ‘revenge’ was posted on Youtube and reached 150,000 views within 1 day! Now totalising more than 18.1 million views in 2018… It’s worth a look:



Wherever you are, be there”, “when you turn up, make sure you turn on”, “If you stay ready, you’d never have to get ready” – Niik Stewart, success coach and trainer

All participants were to share a beautiful Gala Dinner and Awards of Supremacy at Movie World which was a magical experience. Well done and see you next year!